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text Bus Stops: "Right-Sizing" the Port Authority Rob Cullen, John Landis 2007-03-31 2:56 AM
With an annual deficit of $80 Million, The Port Authority of Allegheny County has announced plans to cut 25% of service, and eliminate 114 weekday bus routes, leaving many commuters without access. This video, Bus Stops is a thoughtful look at some of the causes and effects of this imminent crisis. (text/html + 13 comments)

video Rustbelt TV for December 2006 Rustbelt TV - Pittsburgh Indymedia 2007-01-28 6:18 PM
On this show... * anti-nuclear activists denounce military contractor Bechtel's local operations * participants in the wheels of justice tour speak in Pittsburgh about their recent trips to Iraq and Palestine * the student-farmworker alliance protests McDonald's in Oakland * Tazers and Lies * the struggle to rebuild New Orleans East * taking back the media in Oaxaca * and a preview of the upcoming film Slingshot Hip Hop also, see downloadable MPEG versions from: (video/x-ogg)

video Wheels of Justice Tour Rob Cullen 2007-01-20 3:15 PM
Video of the Wheels of Justice Tour's stop at Carnegie Mellon. Twyla Miller spoke about her experiences in Palestine and Jou Mueller talked about his trip to Iraq in 2005. (video/quicktime)

video March against Bechtel/interview with Antonia Juhasz Ron Douglas 2007-01-20 2:54 PM
Video of August 6 protest against Bechtel Corporation, with an interview with author Antonio Juhasz, author of The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time. (video/quicktime)

video Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006 Rustbelt TV, Pittsburgh IMC video collective 2006-08-27 8:38 PM
Pittsburgh Indymedia presents a new edition of Rustbelt TV - news from the grassroots - featuring these stories and more: * Anti Sweatshop activists hold a carnival for workers rights during the All Star Game * Cyclists celebrate as they ride in Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride * Surviving in an Asian Megacity- a video about life in Jakarta * Prometheus Radio holds a station barnraising in Tennessee * Evo Morales is elected as the first Indigenous president in Latin America (video/x-ogg + 1 comment)

video All Star Game Anti-Sweatshop March and Carnival (avi) Rob Cullen 2006-07-19 12:35 PM
Edited video of an anti-sweatshop rally and protest at the All Star Game on July 11 at PNC Park. Video is in two different formats and run time is 3:39. (video/x-msvideo + 2 comments)

video Pittsburgh Critical Mass Video June 2006 (avi) Rob Cullen 2006-07-15 9:44 PM
Edited 8:13 video of June 2006's Critical Mass ride that was part of Pittsburgh Bikefest. With interviews, music, and a ton of bikes. (video/x-msvideo + 1 comment)


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