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Bus Stops: "Right-Sizing" the Port Authority
M30 10:56PM | [13 comments]

Rustbelt TV for December 2006
J28 1:18PM | [0 comments]

Wheels of Justice Tour
J20 10:15AM | [0 comments]

March against Bechtel/interview with Antonia Juhasz
J20 9:54AM | [0 comments]

Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006
A27 4:38PM | [1 comments]

All Star Game Anti-Sweatshop March and Carnival (avi)
J19 8:35AM | [2 comments]

Pittsburgh Critical Mass Video June 2006 (avi)
J15 5:44PM | [1 comments]

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June 2005: Pittsburgh's largest Critical Mass ever!
Plant Fueled: Grassroots Biofuel in Pittsburgh.
As petroleum costs rise, biofuels are becoming increasingly popular as asource of power, especially for automobiles.  And while industry is moving to exploit biofuels as another source of profit, an alternative grassroots movement is growing in Pittsburgh to utilize biofuel for more than just making money.  They see in biofuels an opportunity to strengthen communities, and help fix some problems in the city.

Rob Cullen and John Landis of Rustbelt TV took a look at the localgrassroots biofuel movement.  Their new video is called Plant Fueled:Grassroots Biofuel in Pittsburgh.

Rustbelt TV for December 2006
In this episode...
  • anti-nuclear activists denounce military contractor Bechtel's local operations
  • participants in the wheels of justice tour speak in Pittsburgh about their recent trips to Iraq and Palestine
  • the student-farmworker alliance protests McDonald's in Oakland
  • Tazers and Lies
  • the struggle to rebuild New Orleans East
  • taking back the media in Oaxaca
  • and a preview of the upcoming film Slingshot Hip Hop
Click below to play the show (using the flash plug-in), view/download MPEG from, or download other versions from here.


Rustbelt TV needs you to get involved! E-mail or call 412-923-3000.

Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006!
An all new Rustbelt TV, from Pittsburgh Indymedia, is now available online! Also broadcast on Pittsburgh Community Television, Rustbelt TV is produced in collaboration with Pittsburgh IMC's award-winning show Rustbelt Radio.

The new program features several segments from local indymedia producers, as well as some great segments from elsewhere in the Indymedia network. To get involved, contact: or call 412-923-3000

If you don't have a video player like VLC or quicktime, you can play the show in your browser with the flash plug-in (similar to google video, youtube, etc).  The video quality isn't as good, but should work on almost any computer.  Click below to play the show.


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[ TV show contents and script ]

Individual Video Segments:
Again, we need your help to keep producing these programs.  E-mail or call 412-923-3000.

Rustbelt TV for Summer 2005
Rustbelt Television The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center is pleased to present a new episode of Rustbelt Television. Rustbelt TV brings news from the grassroots to a new television audience. It is based upon Rustbelt Radio, the weekly radio show that airs every Monday at 6pm on WRCT-FM 88.3 Pittsburgh and other radio stations in the area.

Rustbelt TV is always looking for new volunteers; contact for information on how to get involved, no experience is necessary.

[ 34 minute video download: broadband size (404MB) | ipod size (94MB) ]

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